What to Make Hand Sanitizer at Home that Effective Against Coronavirus

Coronaviruses such as COVID-19 spread by human touch, and washing your hands is one of the most successful ways of curbing its spread. Hand sanitizer is just as effective in destroying bacteria and viruses and when you’re out and about, it’s easier to use. Here’s how you can turn your own hand into a home sanitizer.

How to make sanitizer for your own hand: What you need to learn

A hand sanitizer is the best protection against viruses when you’re on errands and can’t get the hands washed into a tub. The easiest way to remain safe is to wash your hands upon returning from a public place for 20 seconds according to the CDC. For a general rule, you should stop using unwashed hands to touch your nose, eyes or mouth.

If you are using a hand sanitizer already, make sure that it has at least 60 percent alcohol. There are several alcohol-free hand sanitizers, though these may not be as effective at killing bacteria and viruses. The best way to use a hand sanitizer is to apply it to your hands in a liberal way and rub them together until the gel effervesces. In the aftermath of the coronavirus, the market for hand sanitizers has shot through the roof and if you run low, you can easily make a couple at home.

How to make a sanitizer for your own hand: The ingredient list

A hand sanitizer consists of a pretty basic formula, and it’s easy to make your own at home if your local pharmacy or retailer is running low. These are the ingredients you’ll need:

  • 2/3 cup 99 percent isopropyl alcohol. You can find isopropyl alcohol at any drugstore or pharmacy if it’s out of stock at Amazon. A 16oz bottle is available for $6, and you’ll be able to make a lot of hand sanitizer with that.
  • 92 percent aloe vera gel for 1/3 cup. The isopropyl alcohol must be combined with something, otherwise, it can burn your hands on its own. Aloe vera gel is the perfect solution because it serves as a natural moisturizer.
  • 8-10 gouttes of essential oils. Pick up a bag of essential oils if you need to add a little fragrance to the mix. This isn’t needed, but most pocket hand sanitizers these days have some scent, and if you’re used to smelling, picking up a few essential oils doesn’t cost too much.
  • Cup and spoon for putting all together.
  • A simple funnel for bringing a bottle into your hand sanitizer.
  • The hand sanitizer is kept in plastic travel bottles. If you’ve got your hand sanitizer packed, you’ll need to bring bottles in. For $16, you can get a package of 25 2 oz packets, and they come with a flip top that makes the hand sanitizer easy to squeeze out. You can get a six-pack of 8 oz bottles for just $10 if you’re making the hand sanitizer for home use.
  • Nitrile gloves to protect the hands from burning while making the hand sanitizer.

How to become the most powerful hand sanitizer at home

There’s a very important thing to remember before you start making your own hand sanitizer at home. Isopropyl alcohol is extremely flammable and if it comes in close contact with your hands it can burn your skin. I advise using nitrile gloves as a general precaution. Here’s what you need to do when you’re ready to get started:

  • Pour the alcohol isopropyl and the gel aloe vera into the bowl. You should preferably maintain a 2:1 ratio of isopropyl alcohol to aloe vera gel as hand sanitizers need to contain at least 60 percent alcohol to be successful. You should blend 2 oz of aloe vera gel with every 4 oz of isopropyl alcohol that you add.
  • If required add essential oils to the mix. You don’t really need essential oils but you can add a few drops of oil if you like a specific scent.
  • Remove the ingredients together with a spoon and pour them over a funnel into plastic bottles. Your sanitizer’s ready for going.

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