Top 10 Barbie Toys For Kids

Your kids’ playroom is surely incomplete without Barbie Dolls. Barbie Dolls will have a special role in the childhood of every kid. Your kid will enjoy and love to play with these. Kids’ will have their own favorite doll/toy no matter how hard you try to keep them away from toys or how quiet your kids are. Most of the kids’, especially girls, enjoy switching the Barbie Doll outfits, hairstyling with the Barbie Doll accessories and setting up their room with the Barbie stuff.

Barbie Dolls are a classic that you can gift to your kid. Many kids’ love to play with them and some would like to collect them as a hobby. The connection between the Barbie Dolls and your kids is a never-ending story. The world of Barbie dolls is very huge and they offer you with numerous categories to choose from, starting from toy sets, accessories, video games, and the list goes on.

1. Barbie Doll and Playset

Barbie Doll and Playset comes with lots of glam accessories to create new ideas. The set includes with Barbie doll wearing and accessories, two sets of hair clips, one headband, one doll mirror, and a hairbrush. The Girl’s can create different hairstyles for their babies with these amazing hair accessories and styling tools. Kids will learn more different attractive creation with these accessories.

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2. Barbie Kids Play Tent House

Barbie Kids Play Tent House is made from durable material. It is suitable for indoor use. Barbie plays tent will provide comfortable playing space for kids. Kids will love to spend time with this play tent.

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3. Barbie Pets, Multi-Color

Barbie Pets, Multi-Color. It contains accessories like water bowls, two bones, two puppy carrier that fits both dogs. It can create endless stories with a barbie doll and her pups whether at home. Barbie doll is ready to take them on a walk in a striped tank, denim skirt and cute shoes plus a pair of sunglasses for a beautiful, sunny day. Girls love to play with this barbie doll.

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4. Barbie Glitz Doll

Barbie Glitz Doll makes the best-dressed list in this fun, trendy looks, and perfect for all kinds of storytelling. It comes with dramatic touches like a one-shoulder bodice and a big ruffle, and with bright colors. Girls will have fun and enjoy with this Barbie doll.

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5. Barbie Doll & Fashions Accessories

Barbie Doll & Fashions Accessories comes with complete looks. The set contains four dresses, four pairs of shoes and four purses plus a pair of trendy sunglasses. It comes with different trendy styles and colors, Kids will love to play with them and will have fun.

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6. Barbie Rainbow Cove Chelsea Dress Up

Barbie Rainbow Cove Chelsea Dress Up set includes three different fantasy outfits. The set comes with fashion and accessories, a second snap-on bodice, a fairy skirt, the second pair of shoes, a pair of wings and a necklace. It comes in different colors and decorations may vary. Girls will have fun and enjoy with this barbie rainbow.

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7. Barbie 2 Story House and Doll

Barbie 2 Story House is cute, modern and holds fun. It is designed with portability, with multiple play spaces. There is a kitchen with a sink and stovetop where barbie doll, it can cook all kinds of stories. It comes in different colors and looks attractive. Kids will have more fun and enjoy this attractive Barbie.

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8. Barbie and Ken in India

Barbie doll is one of the Mattel toys for kids. The pack contains both barbie and ken. They are a very handsome couple. Barbie products include dolls, clothes, and accessories. Kids will have more fun with these Barbie dolls.

Key Features

  • The pack contains both Barbie and Ken.
  • Dolls are dressed in Indian Party wear.

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9. Barbie Core Travel

Barbie Core Travel includes four accessories to inspire artistic and adventurous storytelling. It contains a pair of binoculars, a backpack, a tablet, and a camera. kids will have more with these accessories and also have fun.

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10. Barbie Chelsea Doll & Travel Fun

Barbie Chelsea Doll & Travel Fun set comes with five accessories. It comes with travel accessories, teddy bear, headphone, and cell. The girl is dressed to go anywhere with a pink sparkly skirt, pink shoes, and pink sunglasses. Kids will have fun and enjoy with these accessories.

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As a matter of fact, in present times, many kids are addicted to gadgets and as a result, creative skills are getting a hit. On a positive side, playing with toys and accessories would improve the creative skills and ability of your kid.
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