Tips for Dressing a Newborn Baby in the Summer

Would you wonder how best to Dressing a Newborn Baby during the hotter months of summer? It’s a tricky business, particularly with the problems that parents have to deal with like health, comfort, and more.

It’s pretty easy to dress your baby in the heat once you have the basics down, and if you base your baby’s clothes off your own, then you can’t go wrong. With the comfort of your baby being a priority, below are a few main ideas for getting you started.

It can be such a fun way to entertain and expose your baby to a new experience. Sharing moments like these with them is what makes the hard work worthwhile.

There are also ways you can get the most out of your day while keeping your baby healthy and happy.

General Wear for Waterside Activities

Apart from the important stuff like a towel and a sun hat, we suggest a few sets of extra clothing. Because of its breathability in the warmer weather, linen is a common option for many-it is also sturdy and can withstand all the mess of your infant.

Going Swimming

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Swimming is a great way to habituate your baby to the water for later growth. Swimming suits or wetsuits are an absolute necessity to make the most of a beach ride. There are so many online choices, like this one-piece Cheekaaboo, with tons of great designs so take your pick.

Bringing along some swim diapers is also essential, which you can buy from most supermarkets. Several information you can look for include:

  • Stretchy, with the sides adjustable for a better fit.
  • The leak guard prevents spilling-out of incidents.
  • Simple, hygienic disposal.
  • Minimal absorption of water to avoid heaviness.

High-quality swim diapers can help with the comfort of your baby because they won’t get completely soaked while swimming as a regular diaper would. They would also later ease the clean-up duties for mom and dad. Who doesn’t like less chaos?

If your baby already can walk, investing in some water shoes may also be a smart idea. These are a perfect way to avoid the burning of tiny toes in the sand or even on concrete. Moreover, they will shield your little one from sharp pebbles and stones.

Of course, splashing around in the water is always fun, but don’t forget that making sure your baby is healthy is paramount. For starters, proper flotation devices, bracelets, and floaty rings are perfect for ease of mind.

Sun Protection

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The skin of your baby is fragile and sensitive so shielding it from the harsh sun’s rays is crucial. One smart way to do this is to take with you a small umbrella to hold up them when relaxing on the beach or by the poolside. You should also bring along the sun hat for your son, preferably one with a back flap to cover that tiny face.

Sun lotion is a necessary element and should be applied preferably every two hours, and also after being in the sun. Nonetheless, be advised that there are lotions that are celebrated by experts and others who advise you to stop. Some of the best things you will be looking for are:

  • All UVA and UVB rays are shielded.
  • SPF 30 or greater preferably.
  • With a safe limit, easy to submit.
  • “Natural” or “chemical-free” solutions — look for zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.
  • Even waterproof is convenient, just remember to reapply after water activities.

It is vital that you get the most out of the goods on which you spend your hard-earned money. You should rest assured, by doing a little work and taking precautions.

Out and About

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Often getting your baby out for a stroll is the only way to make them sleep. Just because they’re not at the beach or poolside, it doesn’t mean they don’t need sunscreen, so just put it on a mask in case — unless it’s night time, of course!

Dress up your little one in some shorts and a breathable cotton T-shirt.

If your scooter has a little bag for your baby’s feet attached to it, remove this on the extra hot days. Replace it with a plain, thin sheet or blanket to accommodate the comfort of your baby while also avoiding the risk of overheating.

Most strollers should have detachable sunscreens that you can use depending on weather conditions.

Thinking about what shoes the little one will wear if they’re already mobile may also be wise. When your baby is walking, shoes are necessary for daily use but they can also be restrictive. Younger babies are likely to be happier on bare feet.

The feet of a human regulate heat so it’s necessary to allow them to breathe, particularly during the summer months. So buying a pair of comfortable sandals might be nice. This way you can keep your feet cool but safe from injury.

Sleeping Attire

Sleeping Attire

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A good night ‘s baby sleep will certainly make your life much easier so it is important to keep your baby happy during naptime and bedtime. Here are a few suggestions to ensure they are at ease when nodding off is time:

Ensure that the air conditioning / electric ventilator is turned on. Be sure to check whether the room temperature is comfortable (68-72 degrees Fahrenheit). It will halt overheating or being too cold for your baby.

Evite strong sleepwear. The standard long-sleeved and long-trousered onesie is a staple in the baby pyjama drawer for every boy. That being said, it can retain too much heat if it’s made from thick material, particularly a footed choice.

Try lightweight onesies without feet, or a sleeping bag that allows for more breathability, instead.

Young babies can’t control their own body temperatures properly. They can quickly overheat, which can cause heat rash, fatigue, heat exhaustion, or heat rash. To prevent this, double-check that their sleepwear isn’t sticky or too dry.

Cooler Days

Dressing a Newborn Baby

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Unfortunately, the sun doesn’t last forever and sometimes the weather will change in a moment. Remembering to pack thin blankets and a light jacket is best to keep prepared for any situation.

You can always bring the cover of the stroller with you, just in case, there is an unexpected downpour. If you live in a climate where summer rains are normal, you may want to invest your stroller in a full-on weather shield to keep your little one dry on walks.

It is good to enjoy a family evening out even when the weather is not perfect. Getting your equipment means you are not going to have to live huddled up indoors or cut a short outing.

When the Temperature Rises

We rounded up some of the most important tips to make sure your baby is happy and safe during the heat of summer.

We hope this has provided some inspiration for any confused parents, from clothing ideas to sun safety. Stress-free health and the wellbeing of your baby are all that matters, after all.

Do you have a mess of summer clothes to share? Recommendations on bug spray? We would love to hear about your observations, or if you have some more ideas out there for those interested parents. Leave us one more message below.