Fun and Easy Exercise for Kids to Do at Home

Some of the best things you can do for your children is to get them set up from an early age with a balanced lifestyle and workouts. Setting up these habits now certainly pays off, as it will hopefully stick with them as they grow up and start making their own life choices. Exercising is one such behavior that is so necessary but not always a priority for many parents!

As with anything else, you want to make sure your children make healthy choices. When your child plays sports, they’ll actually get all the exercise they need, but if your child doesn’t, they may need more physical activity in their lives! And if your kid does play sports, it’s a good idea to keep them busy throughout the offseason so they’ll be ready to go when it’s time to come back to action.

Exercising, like consuming food, is not always at the top of a priority list for a child. Both are however equally relevant! Just like you can be imaginative in feeding healthy food to your babies, so can you do exercise as well! If you’re wondering how to get your children more involved, here are some fun and simple activities to try out!

Our List of Fun Exercises for Kids!

1. Crab Walk Obstacle Course

This one is always a lot of fun! Can you recall walking like a child on a crab? Just don’t worry if you need a refresher. All you need to do is sit down with your knees bent on the carpet, put your hands behind your bottom on the floor and lift your hips off the floor. Start on ‘walking’ from this place! This alone is a great exercise that will increase your heart rate and help improve the mobility and strength of your child (especially in your arms and shoulders!).

Although you can do just a crab walk for fun, we think building a simple obstacle course is the perfect way to turn this into a fun kids’ workout! Place a few cones (or really any items you have at home) that will lead your children to the finish line across the course. Line the kids up, get ready, get ready, go! Whoever comes first into the finish line. Trust us, to do far harder than you would think!

If you don’t have plenty of space to set up a complete obstacle course, instead, you can always do a simple race- all you need is a start and endpoint! Anyway, make sure that you have a reward selected for whoever wins!

2. Wheelbarrow Race

Another perfect choice for the race is to use a wheelbarrow! If you have a lot of kids and want to find out activities for kids, this is a great choice. Everybody needs a partner so make sure that you have an even number of children. In a push-up stance, one kid gets down on the floor and the other kid stands behind them, picking up their hands. They shape the wheelbarrow together!

Compared to crab walk, this can be set either as a simple race or as an obstacle course. It is another perfect exercise for cardio, as well as building flexibility in the neck. Make sure everybody who plays off trades and gets to play at both wheelbarrow positions! We recommend starting this walking so that no one gets hurt and you can let them do this while running as your kids get stronger.

It is a very enjoyable exercise which will certainly cause a lot of laughter as well as a great workout. You might also imagine doing a race in two directions- once the children hit the end in one direction, they have to switch places, and race back! Besides being a great physical exercise, it’s also great to build friendships and concentrate on teamwork-you have to work together to accomplish the goal!

3. Balloon Volleyball

If it comes to having fun, balloons are always a good idea right? This is one of the book’s oldest tricks and it all works! Everything you need is a balloon (and maybe a few copies, if it blows up). Inflate the balloon, and begin to smash it around. You can either play volleyball in a condensed version, or you can do it a little more freestyle and just keep tossing the balloon around. The secret, right here? The balloon couldn’t touch the air!!

This is a very fun fitness activity for a kid we promise you can keep your kids amused for hours easily. Best of all, it’s a perfect aerobic exercise and lets your kids develop coordination with the hand eyes. We suggest setting up an area where they can play safely so they don’t get too distracted watching the balloon that they’re traveling to it! Try to set a timer while they are playing to see how long they can go without touching the floor by the balloon. Keep monitoring, and monitor your data. The target is to beat the previous record every time they play!

This is also a smart, enjoyable exercise you can play indoors or outdoors. When you are playing outside, we suggest playing on grass and not on the pavement if anyone falls. It’s always safer to keep them in a fenced backyard so they don’t stray too far one way or the other!

4. Freeze Dance

Freeze dance is finally a perfect, enjoyable fitness game to play with your kids. Best of all, you can play this with any number of children with ease. If you’re having a boy, or 50, freeze dance is a great choice! Everything that you need is some music for that. Start the music and all have to start dancing around! This makes for some great aerobic exercise, but also encourages the children to be imaginative, another ability that is vital for early work on.

Final Thoughts

Encouraging your children to become more involved is not as difficult as you would imagine. The secret to this is making it fun! All these drills are easy to set up for kids and your kids are sure to have a blast while they are doing it. Best of all, they are all perfect aerobic exercises while still concentrating on certain things like muscle strength, endurance, balance, and coordination with hand eyes.

Try these with your kids, and let us know which one they really enjoy! Good fun!

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