First Week Pregnancy: Symptoms and Advice

What is Happening Inside your Uterus in Week 1?

  • Your fetus has still not developed at this stage. It’s real, though time begins to accumulate on the first day of your last period; after week one, you conceive a few weeks.
  • What we are going through is the illusion that pregnancies are for 40 weeks.
  • Though this is 38 weeks for which most women actually carry a baby.

Symptoms for Pregnancy

  • How does one week of pregnancy feel? Okay, your body is still in the preparation phase and that means your body is well fed and prepared for all the cool cell science behind growing a fetus.
  • Your uterine lining is thickening and will soon have a thickness of 7 mm-8 mm or more.
  • The coming weeks will be filled with fast growth and out of control trimester use. There’s a ton of buckling down your body and preparing to do it.

Growing Belly

Researching before you get pregnant is actually what you are up to here. It could be so helpful to read what other new mothers have thought. Whether your conception is going to be intentional or not; it’s going to become the center of your life for the next 9 months and longer after the baby comes into being.

Pregnancy Signs

One of the first signs of pregnancy is that of sore breasts, while this is the most common sign that mothers will soon become. There are plenty of other subtle signs to look into in the coming weeks.

A slight pressure from implantation can sometimes be felt, and at that moment, minor bleeding can occur. When you witness a spotting in the near future, don’t be worried. Approximately 25 percent of women report spotting the fertilized egg burrowing its way into the ripe uterus lining.

Your uterus has been working on preparing for the marvelous implantation cycle to occur.

The Egg and Sperm Connect

Sperm can live as long as 1-2 days. In an attempt to contact the egg just released from the ovary, about 40 million of them quickly make way once released. Just one match for fertilizing the egg

The moment a sperm penetrates an egg, scientists have recently been able to see a blinding flash of light on a fluorescent sensor. This anomaly has been discovered and developed to be the million or so of the bright ‘ firework effect ‘ upon conception; super-mature zinc atoms are bursting.

It occurs internally as it fertilizes the nucleus. This is the first special moment your baby will soon begin his journey and birth.

Egg Releases from Ovary

Once an egg has grown enough inside the ovary, the left or right ovary forces it out; then it is ready for fertilization. It will survive for 12-24 hours after being released into the Fallopian tube.

Were you aware that when two eggs are released from the ovaries and then both are fertilized, fraternal twins occur? Either 2 are coming from the right or the left, or one is entirely up to the body of mothers.


An increased level of estrogen is responsible for building up the uterine lining. Having the egg to work its way into finally nice and thick. Optimally the lining is designed to be ready for the egg at 7 mm or thicker. At the moment of contact, the wall serves as a magnet for the egg to cling to. This later decides the placenta’s location.

What to Prepare for the First Week

It is probably a good idea to start taking a prenatal vitamin that is herbal or no-GMO. There are plenty of places to find these and you can do a bit of online research to find in which one you want to invest. It’s best to stick to the same brand during your pregnancy and listen to your body when you take it.

It is a good idea to look for the kind of iron that is used in your prenatal. Plant-based forms are absorbed most easily. The body embraces most types of plant-based vitamins, so discovering prenatal vitamins that are not common is essential.

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