Easy and Fun Dinosaur Crafts for Kids of all Ages

If you have children that are not usually a craft enthusiast, then we have the ideal solution for you. Should not handicraft the dinosaurs? It is a beautiful and fun craft that will please children of all ages. And if your child likes art, they’ll love these amazing dinosaur crafts too.

There is something about dinosaurs that excites every child. Although you can still buy some cool dinosaur toys, you do have a few more fun craft options to explore!

If your child (or kids) isn’t excited about crafts at present, we suggest you share these fun dinosaur crafts with them. We ‘re pretty sure they’ll get excited at all in no time!

Easy Dinosaur Arts and Crafts!

1. Dinosaur fossils

One super fun and easy craft for dinosaurs are to create their own fossils! Although there are a few ways you can do this (including making them from things like clay or play-doh), if you want them to look a little more natural and dirt-like, we love this method which uses old coffee grounds, coffee, salt, and flour!

It is a perfect way to take advantage of your old coffee beans, as well as any extra coffee you didn’t get to drink. Let your children dig up whatever they want to use to make their fossil impressions – it may be other dinosaur toys that they already let, leaves from outside or even real bones that you have left from dinner if you cooked a chicken! Too much fun!

Dinosaur Crafts for Kids

2. Hatching dino eggs

It may just be our favorite preschooler dinosaur craft ever! For this you are not only making your own dinosaur egg, you are producing an egg that is actually going to hatch a dinosaur! What could be more amazing than this? We promise children of any age will love this craft to the fullest.

Better still, it’s easier to do than you would think (it doesn’t even entail going back in time to find a real dinosaur egg to hatch, we promise!). Then, what you need to do is grab some baking soda, water, vinegar, food coloring, and, of course, your tiny dinosaurs that are going to hatch.

All this art involves making your ‘dough’ inside which includes your actual dinosaur. Do so at night, so they can dry and harden fully overnight. You should play with your dinosaur eggs the next day, and when you’re ready use your vinegar to magically watch them hatch!

Dinosaur Crafts for Kids

3. Dinosaur feet

Yeah, playing dinosaur toys like the Jurassic Park Walking Indoraptor is a lot of fun, but did your kids ever want to be the dinosaur in fact? If so, this craft ‘s great for dinosaur feet! You can make your own dinosaur feet with just a little work that you can strap on to the feet of your kids so they can walk around the house like whatever sort of dinosaur they want! Perhaps they want to be a T-rex, or a stegosaur, or a triceratops (just to name a few!) Let them decide what they want, and then build your feet!

It is a fun and simple dinosaur project that simply needs an old package, some paint, and a ribbon to add your child’s dinosaur feet.

4. Dinosaur balloons

Children of all ages love balloons, and with this fun craft you can blow up a few balloons to use as your dinosaur ‘s body! We love what a fun craft this is, particularly because your children can choose what type of dinosaur they want to make. The balloon shapes the skeleton, and the rest of the dinosaur is made of construction paper!

You can make it as simple or as complicated as you wish. If you really want to DIY it, have your kids draw their heads, arms, and tails for the dinosaurs they create and cut out of construction paper (it might be necessary to cut the paper depending on how old your kids are). If you want an option that is slightly easier, look for some easy templates to follow that your kids can trace, cut, and attach to their balloons!

This also makes for great party decor!

Dinosaur Crafts for Kids

5. Footprint dinosaur art

If you’re up for a slightly messier craft, then we think these personalized dinosaurs are so cool! If you want some home-made decor for your child’s house, this is perfect. We recommend that you do this outside, so you don’t get paint inside your home. Cover the feet of your children in paint and put them on a sheet of paper afterward.

All that remains to be done then is to add an eye (googly eyes are the best!) and draw some teeth for the dinosaur ‘s head. It really couldn’t be simpler, but they’ll love having their feet stuck in the paint for your parents. Just make sure you rinse off your feet long before they come home!

Wrapping Up

Whether you decide to craft parts of a dinosaur, such as their feet for a fun costume, go for the creation of fossils or eggs, or want to create your own dinosaur toy, these fun arts and crafts offer you options. Your children will certainly enjoy any one of these fun crafts, no matter how old they are. And yeah, we believe you ‘re even going to have fun too!

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