Benefits of Toys and Brain Development in Kids

It would be an immense pleasure for the parents to see their kids developing their cognitive skills. In fact, it develops rabidly when you boost their mind with some activities. According to pediatricians and child psychologists, most kid reaches to maximum brain development by the age of 6years. Also, playful children build up their skills with the experiences, interactions, and observations. Thus, parents must engage each kid with several sorts of activities. As a result, the process of child development becomes much stronger. In this article, we will discuss such activities that will make the developing brain for each kid more effective.  The baby toys absolutely play a vital role in developing their brain. But, choosing the right type of fun and educational toys is again an important consideration.

Toys for Kids

Benefits of toys for kids

According to the eminent researchers, children learn more rapidly while they are engaged in playing. Also, parents stay free throughout the time when their kids are playing. Toys are involved in this procedure. The brain of your children gets engaged and there is a release in extra energy of your kids. Every child can explore some unknown facts through the educational best toys. Exploring some skills in themselves is another benefit of good toys for kids. Childhood is a stage when the child’s mind keeps on expanding. There are several factors that help in the process of development. Some of the child specialists say that the mind of the child expands just by having a look at his/her surroundings and environment.

Role of educational toys for kids

It is always good to provide your kids with educational toys. Through these, they can learn many unknown facts. Following are some of them:

  • They will learn how to solve various problems
  • Kids can develop fine and gross motor skills
  • find out their independence
  • Developing their self-esteem needs
  • Getting into the world of imagination and nurturing their creativity
  • Adjusting with other kids while playing games in a group
  • Caring and sharing are other qualities they develop

Activities for kids in several age groups

Toys for Kids

Kids between 1-12 months age

This is the early age of each child where sensory play is very important. This helps in the stimulation of the child’s sense, make it movable and navigate them to the right path. You must be wondering about the time of placing appropriate toys you need to present your kid at this age. The infant play gyms would be one of the best toys through which they will get a focus on the sensory play. Through this, your child develops a sense of sound, touch, and sight. After a few months, parents can bring toys for kids through which they can develop hand-eye coordination. This will further boost the hearing and visual senses. Construction toys are also important at a specific age.

As soon as your child grows up to be more active, this will be the time when you must bring some problem-solving toys. These include the blocks, stackers, etc. Your child will also learn to deal with failures when he is unable to solve the puzzle of building blocks. He will try the activity again to gain success. This will be a trial and error method through which your kid can build up confidence in him. Some kids also like transportation toys.

Another type of toy that you can bring your child at this stage is, ‘light up dance mat’. Another one is the crawl around the game. Your kid stays really excited while playing all these games.  The use of light and sound boost the senses of your kid. They become more active and play the game with excitement.

Toys for Kids

12- 24 months of age

You can observe that your child has become much more mobile once he has crossed the age group of 1year. You can bring some of the riding toys at this age. A small tricycle, walkers, etc will be the best items that will suit your child at this stage. Your kid will be happy about their newfound mobility at this stage. The balancing is what they will learn right from this age.

The themed play sets are one of the lovely gifts for your kid at this age. This is one of the educational toys which will make your kid develop with regards to their cognitive skills. There are many wonderful themed playsets available in the market which include the sound of animals and their images. Through these games, your kid will be able to find out the looks of each animal. Also, with the visual display, they will be able to find out the sounds that each of the animals possesses.

Kids between 18- 36 months age

    • Active games- There are several very active and spontaneous games in which kids will be really interested. These include ball throwing and catching, imitation games, hopscotch.  Also, these active games are good for challenging self-control, children’s attention, and working memory.
    • Sorting/ matching games- This is the stage when kids will be inclined towards the puzzle games. They develop the ability to solve several issues in later ages. They can also learn about several sizes and shapes through matchmaking games.
    • Storytelling and conversation- Children of this age love to hear the story. They love to hear stories from the elders.  After hearing the stores they try by themselves to start a story or have a conversation.
    • Play of imagination- Most of the kids stay in the world of fantasy. The imaginary world is the one that they always like. These plays will help them to develop their creativity. Taking directions by themselves is what they can do by themselves. 

Kids between 3-4 years of age

    • Quieter Activities- There are several activities that can help the kids to boost their cognitive flexibility along with the development of attention and control. This activity includes yoga, color games, number games, etc.
    • Storytelling by kids- This is a wonderful activity that is carried on within the classroom premises of several schools. This is one of the wonderful ways through which children can develop thinking skills. Also, your child can develop an interest when there are other children continuing with the same activity. This will boost their memory power, attention and imagination power.
    • Movement games- These are the games where your kid will keep on moving. Yes, that the movement game. This can be dancing, running, aerobics, etc. Through this, your kid will have great control over their body and mind. 

Kids between 4-5 years of age 

  • Counting games- Your kid has become quite grown up to have some understanding of the counts.  You can simply ask your kid about how many chocolates does he want. Also, you can place some objects in front of his eye and test his counting ability.
  • High-level imaginary games- Since your kids have reached to a higher age, it is the time to induce some high-level games for them. This is a way through which your kid can hold several plans in their mind. Also, apply the same while they are going through an activity.
  • Treasure hunt- Plan a collection of surprises for your kids. Get them planted in each step and each milestone he comes across. This will help in the absolute brain development of your kid. Also, they will enjoy while playing. You have to hide the thing in such a way that it won’t be visible in the eyes of your kid. This is when your kid will use their brain to find them up.

Toys for Kids

Kids between 5-6 years

  • Card and board games- These are basically types of memory games. The player must remember and actively participate in the working memory.
  • Challenging games- This is the time for you to engage your child in some different games. He/she must think more crucially. Some of the activities such as balancing, skipping, etc will be a challenge for them especially when they are doing this for the first time. These games help the child to go ahead with the improvement of their coordination.
  • Complicated clapping rhythms- Through these activities your kids will easily improve with inhibition, improve his working memory and cognitive flexibility.

Educational benefits in providing toys to children

It has been proved that almost all kids love toys. In order to test this fact, you have to take the child to a toy store. You can observe that your child is nagging for several toys that he/she can visualize inside the toy store.

Toys are not just an element of fun and games. Rather, most of the toys help your kids to learn a wide range of facts. These help in engaging your child’s sense, power of imagination and spark. As a result, it will be easier for them to interact with others.

Toys for babies

Different sets of toys are designated for kids of different age groups. For very little ones, the market is flooded with toys that will make them learn about colors, shapes, and texture. The material with which these toys are made needs to be safe and harmless. It is just due to the reason that babies have the tendency of licking or biting the figures.

Also, babies do love music. Thus, you can bring those toys that have rhythms and sounds within. The colorful toys are very important to bring for them as they stimulate their vision. As the kids grow they develop a sense of performance. The hand and eye coordination are some of the important elements that your baby can develop through these games.

Toddler’s toys

Once the baby grows up to the age of toddlers, the set of toys and games must be different. They have become little more developed in their mind and body. Thus, they are no happier with the toys which they used to have while they were at the stage of the baby. Once they have stepped in the age of 2years, they start walking. Also, their speeches develop at this age. The educational toys with sounds will help them getting their speech to develop in a wonderful way.

Toys are designed in such a way that it matches the age and intellect of the kids. The sorting games and shapes presentation are one of the wonderful collections of games which the toddlers will always love to have. Their knowledge keeps on expanding with the help of such a toddler’s game.

 The shape sorters are one of the best types of toys that can help each toddler to play and expand their knowledge.  Teaching them the names of the shape becomes really difficult at times. But, if they can learn them through some gaming activities, it will be quite easy and effective.

Toys for preschool and nursery children

Another set of toys are available for children attending preschool.  This is the time when your kid will learn about the letters, language, and numbers. This can start from a simple alphabet puzzle to learning with the high-level electronic gadgets. This will be a preliminary stage of your kid before he/she takes up the lessons at school. Your kid will easily get a head start as these introduce your kid to all those things which your kid is likely to face at school. Gradually it will be fun when your kids get the same element while they are at school. The educational toys are very helpful as making a child learn through books may not be quite easy. But, through educational toys, her learning process will be fun. The types of toys include nursery rhymes, plastic bowls, toys with bright colors, etc. Some elder kids will take board books. There are toys that help to boost the Math skills.

Brain development in children

The toy industry has advanced with regard to a wide range of products for children belonging to all age groups.  Also, parents have realized that toys play a vital role in brain development in their kid. But, not all toys develop the brain of your kid. There are some special toys that are specially meant for the brain development of the kids.  The interactive brain development toys are one of the most vital phenomena which helps in boosting the brain of your child. Developmental psychology is a vital fact. The young brain can pick up everything very fast. But, this can be subject to their cognitive development.

Brain development toys online

These days, the internet has made everything very easy and convenient for both older kids and younger ones. Choosing toys is important  You just have to go to the Google search engine and search for the brain development toys mentioning the age group for whom you want. Just with the click of the mouse button, it will be easy for every parent to search for the best brain development toy. The child Psychiatrist can suggest you some very simple and effective toys. These toys will easily help in the stimulation of your kid’s brain which in turn gives rise to brain growth. There are various online shopping sites including the websites that deal especially with the accessories of the kids. You can directly visit those sites and get the best collection of brain development toys for your kids.

Research also said that parents must use brain development toys when the baby is in the first trimester. This is the stage when your kids start developing their brain structure. This is the time when stimulation within the brain can take place very easily. You can also consult the trusted child advocates to know more.

Toys for Kids


There is a difference between traditional learning and playing. Parents have an opinion that playtime is always a good time for their kids. But, as per the traditional learning technique, getting knowledge about something through the brain stimulation is not at all a game for children. It is also a step to induce them towards social and emotional development. If the parents are making children learn through books or traditional learning techniques, this might not be too beneficial to children. Rather, the toys which are specially made for brain development are great. The toddlers, as well as infants, can easily gain new skills like creative arts. There are numbers as well as alphabets that can help each and every kid to learn while playing. There are some toys that help in the healthy development of your kid’s brain.

Benefits of the play

The growth of an infant’s brain is initiated from playing. There is no stress in their brain while they are playing. They can easily learn while they are in the position of playing. The development of their brain is boosted with several types of games and induces positive experiences. The games will enhance the growth of the infant’s brain through which your kids will be able to learn quickly. This is really helpful when the infants proceed from the stage of infant to that of a toddler. Many child advocates also say that any type of cardio exercise is necessary to make the heart-healthy. Also, if kids keep on playing, there will be a larger brain as well. And the larger brain means more intellect.

Stimulation and memory

Stimulation is really important for kids for every age group and stage. As soon as the parents or an elderly person stimulates an infant, the cerebral cortex of the infant gets a boost. As a result, your child’s memory can be developed more easily and effectively. According to the expert child professionals, the IQ of a child is quite likely to develop when he/she is 3 years of age. Again when your kid is 4- 4 and ½ years old, there is again a chance of developing a high IQ level. If the child is engaged in playing, this will give rise to cognitive stimulation in a child and will go ahead with his or her brain and body improvement. Thus, playing is a motivation that helps the memory to develop.

Imagination and play

Children cannot be treated as kids if they don’t have an imaginative world. Even the elders enjoy the world of fantasy when they go along with the kid’s imagination. They are far away from the complex mindset of this world. This way, they are innocent and pure. Now when the kids are going to various games, they will be within their imaginative mind. Just by looking at a toy, the kids will start imagining a wide range of elements with the view of the toy. As a parent, it is your duty to make them aware of the reality. Yet, it is always good to have a touch of imagination. Do not take away the sense of imagination from your kid.

There is a wide range of activities in which you can engage your kids. If you have girl child, she will be interested in recipe making. There is clay dough through which your kid can make different shapes and figures. These are much more effective than structured playing toys. Also, make your kid engage in a craft project. Just give him or her guidelines. You can gradually see the development of the imaginative skill of your kids.

Pretend play

Different types of skills are developed in kids at each level of their age. But, parents need to take extra care for their development. Did you know that pretending is one of the important skills which an individual must develop to face many crucial and complex circumstances in their lives? Now, if the kids can learn social skills right from their childhood, it will be quite easy for them to face the world while they grow up. This will easily develop critical thinking skills among your children. This is also the phase when the imagination comes into the place. The role-play exercise is one of the effective media when your kid is engaged with the pretend play.

Linking of the brain with skills

Many grown-up people also face difficulty in communication. Yes, there are several barriers to communication that come in the way. The steps like fundamentals of communication, delivery of the language as well as an understanding of the language are all the parts of communication. If the small kid starts following the process from the day they come to know the language, the development of the skill will be quite easy and effective.

Of course, parents need to help them out in this process. The mental health of kids is also an important fact to consider. This is when the brain gets the perfect link with the skills. Unlike elders, there is no place for toxic stress.  One of the biggest examples is the communication that takes place between the infants and parents. Just after holding each toy, kids will wonder about what they are called. Parents will communicate with them by stating the names of each toy. This is how babies can pick up the language easily. Rather it is the language development skill that can be linked with the brain.