Top 15 Baby Clothes and Brands on the Market in 2020

Waiting for the baby’s arrival but feeling a little nervous to ask if you’ve got it already? Are you planning for new baby clothes shopping list but not sure where to start?

Bringing your newborn home is an exciting and terrifying experience. This will definitely be an unforgettable experience that you will forever remember. But before all of that, we have to make sure that we have all checked off on our shopping list — which includes shoes.

Luckily we have been searching for you high and low to make things a little simpler. Here is a compilation of the best Baby Clothes and Brands, with some tips on a newborn’s homecoming.

Explained on Homecoming

The first few days after your baby has been brought home from the hospital can seem like a blur. You are still recovering from conception, but you feel ready to begin this new chapter of life. These days are going to leave a mark forever, whether good or bad.

Everybody’s experience is of course different. Unfortunately, you are still taking home tons of demands when you carry baby home from the hospital, which isn’t always met.

The first time they see their baby some mothers feel an unbreakable bond. But don’t worry, if you don’t feel like this, there is nothing wrong; things take time, including bonding with your newborn. Your little one won’t mind as long as you carry on cuddling and showing love.

In certain mothers, it’s not unusual to feel tired, depressed, or even unhappy. But remember, go easy on yourself and give yourself some time to heal from birth, both mentally and physically.

That said, planning oneself is the best way to alleviate stress. Below are a couple of tips on what to do for baby arrival:

Pack the fridge/freezer: Resting much of the time when you come home will be spent cooking, cleaning, and believe it or not. Make sure you have pre-prepared nutritious meals and snacks to help boost your energy levels.

Sleep is not important: Do a favor to yourself and repeat this sentence several times before you give birth. This can help you better cope with the sudden lack of sleep.
Summon a support team: It can be daunting to be a new mom and ultimately even the best of moms will need some help.

Stock up on diapers: babies eat a lot and have a lot of diapers coming through. Make sure you buy in bulk and you’re not going to run out within the first few weeks.

Purchase plenty of baby clothes: You’ll probably change your baby’s outfit more than a thousand times during the first few weeks — or it’ll seem too much. Make sure you’ve got enough things to give the dirty clothes the chance to go in the washer.

The Best Baby Clothes of 2020

Now that we know what kind of clothing is needed, and how much our babies will need, it’s time we looked at some choices.

Simple Joys by Carter’s Baby Boys’ 6-Pack Short-Sleeve Bodysuit

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These Carter’s bodysuits are so adorable and will perfectly match your little boy.

Simple Joys offers you a pack of six different onesies, all with adorable colors and designs. The onesie is a classic form of pull-on, with expandable arms, and snaps in the middle.

The content is a blend of cotton but can vary according to nature. They appear to shrink a bit after the first wash so buying one size up is safest.

Gerber Baby Girls’ Short-Sleeve Onesies

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Gerber is a well-known company and they definitely aren’t disappointed by this one-sided one.

The material is 100 percent cotton, soft enough to make the skin fragile. Gerber gives you a pack of five different styles and colors.

The onesies feature a pull-on collar for fast on and off, with expandable material from the shoulders. The bottom snaps are available for a quick diaper change.

They are short-sleeved though, so they’re not winter-friendly unless they’re under blankets, but still, they’re pretty cool!

L’ovedbaby Unisex-Baby Organic Kimono Bodysuit

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This L’ovedbaby onesie is the ideal fit for your newborn. The material is 100 % organic cotton, which makes it durable for numerous washings and super soft for children.

It is in an elegant kimono theme, with buttons running down the side and a strap on the inside holding it in place. So Getting on and off is very quick.

That said, while it’s a very high-quality product, this is very costly.

Luvable Friends Unisex Baby Cotton Pants

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Quick babies need a pair of pants that will stay on while wiggling, rolling and maybe crawling. Such Luvable Friends pants are lightweight and long lasting.

The material is 100 percent cotton, which makes it soft and expandable for legs to develop. The waistband is elastic and will stay on, but will not rest too closely around the small tummy, and the ankles will be tapered for extra carrying.

CozyWay Baby Girls Tights Cable Knit Leggings

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CozyWay’s footie leggings are perfect for a fun Sunday, where you feel like dressing up your little one. The content is breathable cotton at 80 per cent, ideal for various seasons.

While CozyWay advertises them as leggings for girls, the choices for white, black, and gray colors make them perfect for baby boys too.

When your little one starts walking though, these may not be the best option. This can be slippery to the knees.

Leveret Solid Baby Crawling Pants & Legging

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This Leverat pant / legging package is ideal for lazy days when you’re not doing something. The crawling pants are a combination of cotton and polyester while the leggings are 100 % cotton.

They are very simple and appropriate for both sexes. And they have a stretchy waistband, so you’ll be confident that a growing tummy will fit in.

Some moms do lament in saying this that the leggings are not as comfortable as the pants.

Simple Joys by Carter’s Baby 5-Pack Side-Snap Long-Sleeve Shirt

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When the time comes to carry baby home from the hospital, it’s always good to dress them in something gender-neutral. This collection of five long-sleeved white shirts by Carter’s from Simple Joys is a great alternative for homecoming clothing.

The shirt itself has side buttons all the way down so putting on a newborn is fast and simple. This is a huge bonus for first-time moms (it can be overwhelming to cover up a newborn).

Moon and Back Girls’ Infant Set of 5

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A collection of 5 Moon and Back short-sleeved T-shirts is excellent for little children. The fabric is 100 % organic cotton which makes it soft and comfortable and stylish. The v-neck is stretchy and slides comfortably over the shoulders.

While these are for girls, color choices are also appropriate for boys. I highly recommend the Grey Heather collection if you like gender-neutral colors.

Baby Boy Clothes Funny Letter Printed Tops Leggings

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Baby boys are so full of energy and fun to be around. However, the Davol shirt should give the other parents something special to look at. The shirt is all black with bold white letters spelling out “No mum like the one I’ve got” — cute!

You do get a pair of shoes since it comes in a package. The material for your little one is a cotton blend, super fluffy, and snuggly. The collar is elastic and can float a little head on and off.

The sizes do run a little small though, so if you want to keep it for a while, buy a size up.

Carter’s Baby 2-Pack Microfleece Sleep bag

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Wearable blankets were always my favorite. These are better than conventional blankets and are going to keep your baby dry.

These Carter ‘s Baby sleep bags don’t disappoint! They are super cozy with a polyester fleece material of 100 percent. They slide down all the way and there is a short snap strap at the back.

The colors are also gender-neutral and are therefore appropriate for both girls and boys.

Baby Beach One-Piece Swimsuit UPF 50+ -Sun Protective Sunsuit

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You are just looking for something easy and safe for the long summer days at the beach or by the pool. This one-piece Sansi swimsuit does just that.

The suit works as a T-shirt / short onesie with a material consisting of a combination of stretchy nylon and lycra. Not only will this keep your little munchkin warm but it will also provide some sun protection.

It has a pretty snug fit but is fairly easy to put on and take off.

Columbia Baby Tiny Bear II Bunting, Warm Soft Fleece

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It’s priceless to share the pleasures of a winter wonderland with your new bundle of joy. But it is crucial that we keep them warm.

This Tiny Bear Bunting suit comes in a wide variety of colors. It’s made of a soft fleece fabric that keeps your baby warm without making them feel constrained.

The zipper runs from halfway on the leg to the chin asymmetrically, making it easy to take off or put back on when it’s time to change your diaper. The cuffs of the hands and feet often switch down to provide an extra protective layer for mini extremities.

One of the best things about the suit is that it can be used conveniently in a sleigh. And have I mentioned those little cute bear ears? Who could withstand this?

London Fog Newborn Infant Baby Girl Boy Puffer Carbag Pram Bag

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When you’ve just had a baby in winter then this London Fog carbag snowsuit is great. It’s similar to a wearable blanket, but it does have holes to fasten it to a seatbelt.

The material is polyester, and the cuffs can be converted into mittens to keep the small fingers warm. It also features a hood on top with cute animal ears.

In low temperatures, the suit can keep your little one warm and cozy. Beware, on newborns, it does run a little high — but luckily, babies are growing quickly. I like the fact that it’s going to last a couple of months, and you can make the money worth it!

oenbopo Baby Winter Warm Knit Hat

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Hats are important for babies living in colder states, and that Oenbopo beanie cap is excellent.

It is a knit design, available in different colors, and suitable for baby girls and boys alike. On top, there’s a fake hair bob, which adds a trendy twist.

For small heads and ears, the hat itself is super warm, fluffy, and comfortable. The sizes do run a bit low, so you might even be able to use it as part of the home-coming outfit for your boy.

Silky Toes Non-Skid Infant Socks

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These Silky Toes super soft socks are simply amazing for babies. The lining, with anti-skid dots on the rim, is polyester, useful for when your little one gets on their feet.

The smooth seam to the toe is one wonderful feature. This tiny detail will keep the little piggies secure from seams and rough threads. The measurements are running a little small, so they can match a bigger size longer.

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Let’s Get Dressed

It’s going to be a moment you’ll never forget to carry baby home from the hospital. Yet a lot of planning to do is before all the joys of being a new mum. Another example is the buying of baby clothing.

Make sure you stock up on plenty of tops, bottoms, and seasonal clothes to keep your little one comfortable and cozy.

The page is full of things we love but the Simple Joys Baby Boy Onesies by Carter ‘s Baby is a standout favorite. It’s just right for babies.

What’s your style of go-to baby clothes? Please let us know below and share this list with your friends and family, as always.


In 2020, trends for babies tend to spill over with new technologies from 2019, but still welcome marked baby trends. Have you any favorites from our above list? Let’s let us know!

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