5 Easy and Fun Craft Ideas for Kids to Make at Home

One of our favorite activities for our children is crafts making! Kids’ crafts are a fun way to spend a day-perfect for a rainy afternoon, a cozy weekend indoors, or really at any time! Best of all, there are so many different types of crafts that you can easily find something that suits your interests, skill level, or even the materials that you happen to have at home!

If you don’t consider yourself a crafty person, don’t worry. It is about having fun together, rather than the nature of what you make. Just have fun! Don’t overthink it. Your kids will love to put together their own crafts and display them in their bedroom or other places around your house.

We’ve discussed paper crafts before and today we wanted to give you 5 more fun (and easy!) craft ideas for children that are perfect for you to do with your children at home. If you’ve run out of ideas about what to do with your kids, these 5 crafts will hopefully get you thinking! Some of them are more paper crafts, while others include other things you might find around your house.

Benefits of Crafts for Kids

Knew you designing was more than just a fun activity? Currently, there are plenty of benefits to it! One major benefit is that it will help your child increase their creativity, a skill that you want to focus on earlier rather than later in their life. It can also help with things like dexterity and motor skills in younger children, and even following directions depending on the craft itself!

You should also start giving them more duties and assignments as your kids grow older, allowing them to fine-tune those skills like using scissors, using a ruler to make measurements, and more. Working on these skills in a fun craft is a great way to foster those skills without it feeling like a chore or something boring. We always think that taking something that is not traditionally seen as fun is a great idea and turning it into something enjoyable-it ‘s a great way to learn and grow and have fun!

Now that all of you are excited about having some fun and getting crafty, let’s get ideas into our kids crafting.

Craft Ideas for Kids

Crafts for Kids

1. Recycled Can Windsocks

Have you got some empty cans sitting around waiting for recycling? Go for this fun and simple craft and catch them! We love this craft being super easy but it also teaches a great recycling lesson.

Finding a use for an item like a can is a great way to teach your kids the importance of recycling and upcycling items that can serve more than one purpose after you have used it for its original use.

Those cans are painted in whatever colors you and your children choose. Then you need to find your supplies for the streamers that you will be adding to the bottles. Ribbons work fine, but if you have it, strips of paper, yarn or even strips of fabric do so!

What’s best about these crafts for kids is their being really versatile. Whatever their wishes, your kids can paint their cans, and they can attach any ribbon or paper to the bottom. This is a perfect chance for them to express themselves and to do what they think comes to mind. Let them. make their own if you let multiple children, and see how special is!

Go as adventurous as you like with these windsocks, and then be sure to hang them in your backyard, or on a deck or balcony, if you have one. Standard acrylic painting is a great choice but in the dark paint, you can also go for something more interesting.

2. Paper Animal Masks

This next craft is a little bit more sophisticated but you can’t handle it! Animal paper masks are a super fun craft to do with your children. Plus, you get to have more fun using the masks after you create the masks!

If you’re worried you don’t know how to make an animal-like mask, you’ll be happy to know you can download simple templates that you can simply print and use as your guide! These children’s paper crafts will work better if you have cardboard to use as the mask base, along with a sturdy paper that you can fold to make other animal elements like their ears, eyes, and noses!

Your children can start the fun by choosing which animal they want to be. It may be based on their favorite stuffed animal, their favorite character in the movie, or their favorite animal they’ve heard about in school. Let them help you then gather the supplies you need. We recommend you cut off the cardboard masks, but your kids can definitely help with all the gluing!

Craft Ideas for Kids

3. 3D Rainbows

All you’ll need is some white paper for the clouds, some rainbow sheets of paper for the rainbow, and some cotton balls to make 3D clouds (plus things like glue, tape, and children’s scissors). If you don’t have paper in multiple colors, don’t worry! Any strips of paper can also be painted with certain watercolor paints or with other paints you have at home. Work with that which you have!

4. Homemade Bird Feeder

If you have a backyard, making a home-made bird feeder is a perfect 5-minute craft for children to do with their kids that includes getting them outside! Not only is creating the feeder fun, but you’ll also have all the pleasure of watching the birds come and eat once the feeder is done!

What’s very cool about the feeder is its dependence on a stale bagel! This is a nice way to use an old bagel rather than just throwing it away, and is another good lesson to teach your children. Even as in this case, can waste can be enjoyable. You can always use a regular bagel that, if you want, is not stale yet, but you can also use one you forgot to eat that is stale.

All you have to do is cover the bagel with some peanut butter, then put it in some birdseed to cover the bagel completely. Hang it onto a tree and watch the birds come eating. This is a simple craft but a little messier than some of the others, we recommend doing this outdoors. It is the ideal activity for children to do on a day when the weather is good and you want to spend some time outside.

Once you’ve finished creating your bird feeder, stay out to watch the birds come and eat for a time. For this season, schedule some other outdoor activities, or set up a children’s sprinkler and let your kids run around and burn off some steam. It makes for the ideal activity on weekends!

Craft Ideas for Kids

5. Tie-Dye Shirts

One of our favorite craft ideas for kids is finally going a little retro and making tie-dye shirts! This is such fun craft children have been enjoying for decades! Best of all, we think parents definitely should get interested in this art and even make their own shirt. What is more, fun than to end up wearing matching shirts that the whole family should wear?

What we love in terms of tie-dye shirts is that they all look different and unique. Of course, this is the product of not just the dye but also how you tie your rubber bands to your shirt.

We highly recommend doing this craft outdoors, or if you need to do it indoors, make sure you spread plenty of newspaper or an old sheet or something to cover your cabinets, carpet, or furniture from the dye. Make sure your kids are wearing clothes they don’t care about getting stained as they might get dyeing on them too!

As for the tie-dye itself, if you like, you can either DIY it, or pick from a host of tie-dye kits that have everything you need. Gather some white family t-shirts, grab your dye kit, and get it! It is not only a fun activity to enjoy for the kids but perfect to do if you have a social event coming up and want to wear matching shirts. Why buy shirts that match when you can make them yourself? That is so much more fun!

You can even branch out after making your shirts to craft other items such as jewelry and other accessories. You might just have a new closet full of homemade items with enough time at home crafting!

Wrapping Up

With those fun and simple crafts, you can get crafty at home with your kids in no time at all. While some need more preparation, they ‘re all cool crafts that children of all ages can enjoy. From masks to skits, to fun new decorations such as rainbows and windsocks, to new clothes and bird food, there’s plenty of fun to have if you’re willing to get a little crafty!

Which type of craft is your favorite? Do you like to get your hands dirty, or are you more of a person type of paper folding craft? Let us learn, and remember, whatever you do, make sure you ‘re having fun with your kids! Take a look at our spring project for children.

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