15 Best Magnetic Toys for Kids and Toddlers in 2020

Knew you purchasing the right magnetic toys would do more than hold your kids busy? Our kids got hit by the culture of “I am glued to my screen.”

Luckily, manufacturers of magnetic toys have come up with items that your children would enjoy. These toys will not only inspire your child but will also help them learn critical skills as an alternative to all those displays.

Your child, whether they are babies, preschoolers, or older, should find these toys genuinely creative, enjoyable, and interactive. Let’s talk about what to consider when buying the best magnetic toys and then look at our top favors.

Magna-Tiles Clear Colors 100 Piece Set

magna Tiles

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That takes the gold medal in my eyes as far as high-quality toys are concerned. Through tile in the collection contains rivets of metal that keep the magnets in place. In addition, the brand allows adding to your collection simple, as this package is compatible with other collections.

Recommended for ages 3 and above, this 3D magnetic set is easy to use and has tons of fun to offer.

By fusing imagination, science, and math, it offers educational opportunities and stimulates the mind of your infant. Since all the edges of the tiles are magnetized, your child has infinite chances of constructing whatever concept they can think about.

Key Features

  • 3D magnetic building sets
  • 100 translucent, colorful shapes including squares
  • Sparks hours of imaginative free play in children.
  • Safe, durable and built to last for years

PicassoTiles 100 Piece Set Magnet Building Tiles


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Put your child in with this drug in a world of limitless fun. PicassoTiles is specialized in the delivery of award-winning, STEM-based toys that enable you to expose your child to these concepts early on.

Good for kids aged 3 and over, this product lets kids appreciate abstract forms even in 3D forms. Your child will enjoy creating them with the limitless designs.

Key Features

  • No limitations, scalable to build as big as desired by adding more pieces
  • Never too early to start developing kids’ creativity.
  • Entertaining for single or multiple parties
  • Magnet Building Tiles Clear 3D color Magnetic Building Blocks

Magformers Challenger Set Deluxe Magnetic Building Blocks

Magformers Challenger Set

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This BPA-free 112-piece magnet kit, which comes from a line of well-known toy collections, offers too many construction problems and possibilities.

It is appropriate for children 3 or older. It engages their young minds in the construction of vehicles, houses, animals, and more.

Your child will discover the potential of magnetics and engineering concepts as they construct various patterns and shapes. Additionally, the Magformers Challenger collection is built using materials of good quality to ensure the health of your kids.

Key Features

  • Set includes pieces from our XL cruiser car set and rainbow pieces in 4 different geometric shapes.
  • 112 pieces total 48 triangles, 46 squares, 4 hexagons, 12 pentagon, and 2 wheels.
  • Neodymium Rare-Earth Magnets for guaranteed connectivity.
  • ABS plastic magnets conform to CE, ASTM, and EN75
  • More building possibilities and challenges!

Melissa & Doug Fishing Magnetic Puzzle Game

Fishing Magnetic Puzzle Game

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Pregnant students who enjoy marine life should appreciate this. This magnetic catch-and-release toy enhances motor skills as your child uses the magnetic fishing pole to “catch” holden fish.

Their focus rates may be enhanced by studying how to “catch” by lining up magnets with goals. You have to put the piece into the puzzle after they capture the shrimp.

When having fun, the child is a logical thinker. It is ideal for children up to age 3.

Key Features

  • The Melissa & Doug Magnetic Wooden Fishing Game
  • This fishing puzzle game includes 10 colorful pieces and a fishing pole.
  • Ideal gift for kids ages 3 to 5.
  • Magnetic Wooden Fishing Game

Playmags 3D Magnetic Blocks for Kids


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The mega package is highly recommended by experts and is perfect for childhood sports as well as group activities.

This play collection is suitable for children aged 3 and above and features 100 parts in eight different shapes crafted to expand the creativity of your boy. The tiles’ lattice-work architecture guarantees a stable construct thus mitigating irritation.

Each package can be combined with other tiles and is durable. While your kids play, geometry, spatial logic, physics, and design even expose them to the fundamentals.

Key Features

  • This Playmags Classic Set Lets Kids Build, Play & Learn
  • Set Includes 82 Magnetic tiles with Exclusive SUPERMAGS; Strong, Durable Magnets
  • Engineering Toys Stimulate Problem Solving, Motor Skills & Shape Recognition
  • Fun, Colorful, Engaging Set Makes a Wonderful Birthday or Christmas Gift for Boys or Girls

4M Magnetic Mini Tile Art

Magnetic Mini Tile Art

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This tile package blends the usual refrigerator magnets with precious children’s artworks for ages 8 and up. This involves all your child wants to make a customized gift for friends and relatives.

This contains 12 tiles, a paintbrush, a paint strip with different colors, and rubber magnets to end, and adhesive tape. That provides a special opportunity for those who love designing projects to show off their work in a unique way.

Key Features

  • This magnetic tile art set includes tiles, magnets, a paint strip, and brush
  • Each tile measures 2 inches by 2 inches, making them attractive gifts for friends or family
  • Tiles make ideal fridge art or can be safely attached to a locker door for a unique personal touch

Dowling Magnets Magnetic Penny Game, Building Kids Toys

Dowling Magnets

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For children aged 8 and up, Dowling magnet pennies are a wonderful choice to discover magnetic powers, stabilization, and motion. It’s a good way to present and explore, inter alia, mathematical terms, geometry, and symmetry.

Children learn about the past of pennies and magnetic information when they partake in the 44 enjoyable activities mentioned here. They can create sculptures, pyramids, and more, that defy gravity.

Key Features

  • Includes 2 small heavy-duty magnets
  • Introduces basic geometry, math, symmetry, planes, and more
  • 32 newly minted pennies are included

Magz-Clix40 Magnetic Building Blocks


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Built to keep every preschooler entertained, these 40 fun bottle-shaped blocks are. They are ideal to improve the motor skills of your child and to learn simple building skills. The magnets are secured inside welded plastic, which makes them safe to use.

The magnets are very solid so if the tower tip over they can prevent the blocks from scattering. No age is defined but we suggest a minimum age of 3 years as the parts are about 2 inches high.

Key Features

  • Magnetic Building and Stacking Set for children and adults!
  • Each piece contains four strong magnets enabling it to connect magnetically sideways.
  • Clix40 pieces come in six vivid colors. The bottles are 1″ in diameter and about 2.5″ high.
  • It is a fun and educational setting for children at 3+ age

Fridge Magnets for Toddlers FARM Animals

Fridge Magnets

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These colorful farm animal magnets will fascinate your preschooler. For children aged 3 to 5, this set enhances fine motor skills, recognition abilities, and memory.

They are lightweight made of high-quality materials and they won’t leave scratch marks on your fridge or other metal surfaces. The magnets, though, consist of laminated cards stuck to the material at the base of a rubber magnet, so if they get damp they will be harmed.

Key Features

  • 2-3 years old recommended for playing kids magnets.
  • Fine motor skills, memory, inspire child imagination, extends the word stock.
  • High-quality EVA soft magnets with full rubber magnet backing and front layer of laminated cardboard.

Magnetic Poetry – Kids Kit

Magnetic Poetry

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A couple of years ago, magnetic poetry was all the rage, but until now, I thought it was for adults only. But no, anyway. This artistic company has grown to include children’s sets; this one is for ages 5 and up.

Or on the refrigerator or a magnetic frame, your child will mix terms to practice their writing and storytelling. You may want to set aside a Tupperware with over 360 tiles to avoid losing any along the way.

Key Features

  • Ignite your child’s love of language and wordplay
  • It contains over 360 magnetic word tiles in a cute, colorful, giftable 4.5 x 6.5-inch box.
  • Mix and Match with other kits

Learning Resources Magnetic U.S

Manetic us

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What easier way to know about the USA for your kid than with this 44-piece magnetic puzzle? This perfectly crafted tool is a perfect introduction to children aged 4 and over to geography lessons.

Each magnet has the state term, plus a visual image of each location. The puzzle assumes the form of the United States of America when complete.

Key Features

  • An interactive puzzle map will help little learners learn geography-state names, landmarks, plants, animals, and more!
  • Geography, Critical thinking, Spatial relationships, Fine motor skills
  • The Puzzle’s 43 magnetic pieces depict the name and shape of all 50 states

24 Piece Tegu Magnetic Wooden Block Set

Magnetic Wooden Block

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For years wooden toys were prevalent. Yet by incorporating magnets, this company reinvented the blocks and made them more enjoyable for kids. Each collection contains twenty-four parts, which deliver hours of fun as your child produces a multitude of items.

The makers have taken measures for protection to ensure that this product is suitable for use by children 3 years and above.

Key Features

  • The 24-Piece Set brings your Tegu collection to a whole new level with an enhanced opportunity for play and creativity.
  • A brilliantly simple and premium heirloom-quality toy that will last for generations
  • Curiously attractive and perfect for those seeking toys supporting open-ended and unscripted play
  • Naturally safe: no lead, no plastic, non-toxic, water-based lacquer finish, no small parts

Doinkit Darts Kid-Safe Indoor Magnetic Dart Board

Doinkit Darts Kid

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Are you searching for a gift that can attract your family’s six-year-old babies, older children, and even adults? Doinkit darts may just do it for you. Such darts are constructed of magnets, so they are lightweight so free.

The 16-inch magnetic dartboard is robust and strong and has a loop to place it on a wall or frame. Doinkit darts help boost balance, attention, and motivation for your kids. They always encourage sportsmanship when the child is interacting with others.

Key Features

  • Light, durable flights keep arrows flying straight & powerful magnets ensure that they stick to the board, every time!
  • Safety darts are perfect for children.
  • Durable and strong for years of play.

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Lauri Foam Magnets

Lauri Foam

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This device is a pleasant means of introducing math to children aged 4 and above. You’ll need 110 colorful and strong magnets to do the job. It comes with a storage tank, making it simple to put away the kids.

Ideal for homeschooling, classroom setup, or even home fun. A growing number is 1.75 inches long-the perfect size for the little hands of your infant.

Key Features

  • The 1.75″ foam numbers help with number recognition, counting, and more!
  • Fun for use on magnetic boards or other magnetic surfaces!
  • Includes 70 Numerals, 20 Operation Signs, 20 Circle Counters
  • Convenient plastic storage tub keeps everything tidy when not in use!

TrueBalance Coordination Game Balance Toy for Adults and Kids


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Want to work with the magnets on equilibrium and concentration? The award-winning product is no easy feat to mount. It provides fun whilst challenging your children to think critically, from age 8 to adults.

Occupational and physiotherapists led to the creation of this device to enhance balance and fine motor abilities for their patients. Kids with autism and ADHD will greatly profit from playing this because it promotes concentration.

Key Features

  • A fun game that brings the family together and is an exceptional screen-free play option.
  • Helps kids and adults improve they are fine motor skills, increase concentration, and develop stronger critical thinking skills.
  • This coordination balance game relieves stress by requiring focus and attention.

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Choosing Magnetic Toys For Your Kids

The magnets have also intrigued adolescents and adults alike. They excite our imagination and can almost appear mystical. The magnetic toys that children have will feed their imaginations and inspire their ingenuity.


Construction Material

A smaller kid may place a treat in its mouth at one point or another. You want to be sure the products that were used to create the magnetic toy are secure.

Steer away from children’s magnetic toys manufactured from plastics of lower quality, because they can include phthalates, lead, and BPA (1). These toxins are toxic and could hurt your kids.

In fact, toys produced from inexpensive products aren’t robust so you’ll find yourself searching too much for new items.


Sure, plenty of us purchases toys to keep our kids entertained when we are studying or attempting to rest. Although some of us can get away with it, not all of us are as fortunate. Young kids are likely to chew or suck tiny objects when parents are not feeling disturbed.

Typically, magnetic toys include tiny yet strong magnets that draw each other or certain metal surfaces. Those magnets may attempt to do the same internally if swallowed. This can in effect inflict serious harm to the digestive system.


Look for a magnetic toy that enables your child to construct multiple designs, shapes, and even geometric designs. Versatility is crucial, whether you buy stacking blocks or other kinds of magnetic toys. This will mean your child won’t get frustrated too easily.

How To Find an Age-Appropriate Toy

Part of choosing a good toy for your child would include assessing their maturity, abilities, and interests.

For older children, who already know what they want, this phase is far simpler.

More frequently than not, their decisions are affected by their colleagues or by the commercials they’ve seen. As a consequence, you could come across a long list of “must-haves” to locate.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

1 to 2 years old: Boys are curious about the universe at this point. They like to reach, experience and discover stuff, so go for fun and big magnet toys. Ideal for this age range is the sensitive items that sing or speak when handled.

3 to 5 years old: Preschoolers are full of life, creativity, and interest. Easy tile sets and magnetic drawing boards for this generation are fantastical. They encourage imagination and can bring craft, simple mathematics, and more to youngsters.

6 to 8 years old: Children in this age category want to create about themselves and to find mysteries out. Accessible collections of tiles foster creativity and are educational.

9 to 12 years old: Older kids want toys that represent their personality. They’ll greatly profit from STEM magnetic toys and magnetic dartboards.

Final Thoughts

For too many wondrous magnetic toys available, picking a choice can be challenging. That said, the Magna-Tiles Transparent Colours Package is my personal preference for the best magnetic product.

The shiny, brightly-colored pieces of this toy package are flexible, enjoyable, and simple to play with. It’s a fantastic option for anyone looking for a thought-provoking toy that suits a wide range of age groups.

It can also be difficult to involve children in activities which encourage them to play and learn at the same time. Fortunately, there are magnetic toys here to help us make learning enjoyable.

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