15 Awesome Summer Activities for Kids and Toddlers

As the Phineas and Ferb song say, “there’s a summer holiday of 104 days,” and while summer can be more or less 104 days, there’s going to be so much time to waste. Your children could die of boredom if they know there’s nothing fun to do at home. To help your children enjoy a wonderful and enjoyable summer holiday, here’s a rundown of the activities they should do.

Create a Bucket list for summer

Summer is about 3 months and there are so many things your children can do in that amount of time. They could just end up watching TV and playing video games all day and we definitely don’t want that! Perhaps you and your kids want to make your own summer bucket list to make it a more satisfying summer.

A summer bucket list is a list of all the things that you want to do before the summer is over. Beginning the summer with a list of the things they want to do will give your kids plenty of things to look forward to and at the same time make them more excited about the coming days. To add to that, the list will give you an insight into what your child really needs. Their bucket list will also help you decide what your kids are looking for, whether it’s a summer holiday out of town or just a family holiday.

Try a new sport

Sports Game

If it’s because there is always something different in any game you play or running around releases endorphins that make us happy, sports is always fun. Learning a new sport or playing the sport you used to play in the summertime is one of the best things to do. You can also quickly turn this into an opportunity for family bonding as you can ask your kids to show you the sport. You should all play in teams because it’s basketball, and seek to beat each other. Sports not only take idle time off their hands, but they also encourage the kids to be responsible and to work with their teammates.

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Take a dance class

Similar to learning a new sport, taking dance lessons will make the summer of your children a fun one particularly if they love dancing. There are many dance lessons to choose from nowadays and it’s not just limited to your daughter studying ballet. Well, ballet lessons are a choice and a lot of girls want to learn ballet, but if your kids want anything else to do then enroll them in another dance class. While studying, they will gain new friends too!

Make your own board game

Although there are lots of board games available, your children will be more drawn to making their own games. In this way, their minds would be caught in creating something they’d have fun doing with their friends and sharing.

You can let your kids work on an outdoor board game, to bring more excitement to the activity. All they need to write on is chalk and a flat surface, so they can draw on the floor to imitate a wall. You can give them tape instead if you don’t want them to make a mess, or make permanent marks on the concrete.

Learn how to play a musical instrument

Musical Instruments

It’s difficult and rewarding to learn how to play an instrument. It could even take your kids along to be good at playing than in summer. Nonetheless, trying something different would be fun. You can either teach them yourself or make them enroll in a college.

You can ask your kids to do something for you at the end of summer and give them an opportunity and learn a new instrument. You should schedule a small event in their music class with your friends and their classmates, and have a song and dance party. It should give them the incentive to carry on studying and practicing the musical instrument they’ve just learned.

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Go out for a swim


What’s without a bit of splash in summer? Once it comes to summer, almost everyone can think of a pool and so make sure you at least give your kids a chance to have fun in the heat. You should take them out to a beach or park, and only swim. When your children really don’t know how to swim, then this is a perfect chance for them to learn. You can enroll them in swimming lessons or when all of you go swimming you can teach them yourself.

Swimming is enjoyable for everyone and you may want to take your kids for a swim. You can also carry water weapons, and have a fun water combat game. You can go with your kids to water sports too. Only ensure they’re able to do that.

Tree Planting

Planting Tree

Many believe tree planting is undertaken only by men or is undertaken only in mountains. It isn’t necessarily the case because, in your backyard, you can have your own tree planting operation. Tree planting is relatively easy, all you have to do is dig a hole in the soil that is sufficiently deep for the roots to go down and not to be uprooted. As for the seeds, in the grocery store, you can only buy them and you can pick which trees you want to grow. They don’t even have to be trees; they can be any plant that you want.

If your children are still a little anxious and want to see results, then pick up a small plant and place it in a bowl. Teach your kids how to care for a plant properly, so they don’t forget about it during the summer.

Have an outdoor picnic

Picnic Place

An outdoor picnic is very much like camping in your backyard. But instead of your backyard, you should carry your kids to a park too. You can ask your kids for help in making the sandwiches and other snacks to make this activity more enjoyable for them. Especially when they learn something new they will be more than happy to support you. And you should bring board games and cards with you when you go out on a picnic, and play under the sun.

Go out of town

Last, but definitely not the least, the operation is to get out of town. Your kids could still get bored at some point after trying to do all of the other 19 things listed above.
Perhaps they want a change of scenery? Perhaps they want to explore? And maybe they just want to spend some more time doing fun stuff with you. Whatever their reasons are, leaving town is one of the most fun things you can do during the summer.
There are many tourist attractions out there, and they promise team-building opportunities for the family. Without a doubt, your kids will be really happy to expect that they may even forget boredom out of town trips. Travel is always a look forward to forward to and an out of town trip can be the climax to your children’s summer vacation.

Paint your sneakers

This is another fun activity that you might want to recommend to your children if they have sneakers for canvas. All you need is some paint and your shoes and then almost everything can be painted on them.

Make a photo album

This can happen to you and your family. What you have to do is pick a bunch of pictures of your family and put them in a scrapbook. A simple picture album will do it, but what doesn’t make it that simple is the style you’ll put on all of its pages.
You and your kids will help each other design the album and this activity will be a bonding opportunity. This activity will also inspire imagination in them, and will also allow you and your family to collect positive memories worth remembering.

Have your own scientific experiments

Scientific Learning

There are plenty of science experiments that your children can try. And what makes it easier is that there are basic tests involving only items you can find in your house. You may suggest creating alien bubbles where they need only dry ice and a solution to the bubble.

They can even seek to render soap clouds by simply placing soap into a microwave. Another easy experiment is the rocket in which you simply use a plastic bottle and fill it inside with vinegar and pop baking soda. However, you need to be cautious, because it could reach your face! If you want a “safer” kind of rocket, you may suggest that you experiment with balloon rockets that do not involve any kind of explosion.

Camp out in your backyard

You can keep the camping experience of your family on a cool summer night and you don’t even have to go too far. All you need to do is set up a tent for your children at your backyard. You can create a small fireplace by roasting marshmallows on a grill to get it closer to a camping experience. You should roast hotdogs as well, and bring popcorn! You should make snacks and tell ghost stories. You should fill the tent with cozy pillows and comforters, as well. You should also recommend this to your kids so they can invite friends over at your place for a camping sleepover.

Adopt a pet

There are many children who like dogs. We want a dog, a cat, a fish, and a bird. This is a smart idea to give them one for the summer so they have plenty of time to bond with their pet and teach them themselves. You can carry them to a pet shop, or, better still, send them to a shelter to adopt an unwanted animal.

Giving your kid a pet will do your kid wonders particularly when they love the pet itself. They’ll learn how to take more care of their pet and be more mindful of their needs. They’ll also learn to be more responsible because they know they’re solely responsible for their pet. And who knows, the new pet could bring more sunshine for the whole family.

Learn how to cook

Learn how to cook

Cooking, like baking, will get your kids more excited. No-one is saying no to food anyway, right? If you don’t know how to bake, don’t have an oven, or just don’t get into it, you and your children should try to cook basic dishes. You should show them how to make pancakes or other basic dishes for breakfast. If they’re not getting it right, instead they should try to try again. The positive thing about this is that you and your kids can learn how to take turns when cooking the meal and how to communicate properly. You may also teach them responsibility by asking them to assist with the breakfast cooking. If they know how to cook their family’s breakfast, it’s not only fun they got, but also some kind of pride. They have learned to be a bit independent.