10 Tips to Choose Best Fit Mastani Dress for Girls Below 12 Years

The trend in the garment industry changes with the introduction of the new style. The movie, celebrity and the actors in television screenplay a vital role in changing the trend in the market. Along with men and women, kids to wish to dress up as per the latest trend in the market. The Mastani dress is inspired by the movie named ‘ Bajirao Mastani’ released by the Bollywood industry. The movie was about epic historical romance. Along with the movie, the dresses presented through various characters of the movie have made the audience spellbound. Later, the garments shops, malls as well as showrooms started selling the Bajirao Mastani dress.

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The inspiration of Mastani dress

The filmmaker, Sanjay Leela Bansali brings out several characters of Indian history in his film. Also, he has a wonderful capacity to pull out the characters that were lost in such a way that people start admiring them. Mastani is also one of such female character in the film named ‘ Bajirao Mastani’. The character was played by the very talented actress, Deepika Padukone. Mastani’s dress style was inspired by this character. She belongs to Islamic culture. Thus, her dresses were crafted in such a way that people can get the detail of the dresses worn by Islamic women of that time. Today, people are too much inspired by the Mastani dress. Along with the women, even the young little girls’ wish to dress up like Mastani.

Unique dress of Mastani

The dress created for Mastani in the movie was completely unique. The film director, Sanjay Leela Bansali instructed the consume designers in such away. According to the filmmaker, Mastani must have a look that is far different from the environment around her. Though she was portrayed in Maharashtrian culture, her dress and attire must have a Persian touch. It is very important to create the Mastani dress in such a way that it shows a vivid difference between the Maharashtrian culture and Muslim culture.

Demand for Mastani dress

Along with the box office hit of the movie ‘ Bajirao Mastani’, the demand for the Bajirao Mastani dress was observed in the market. Just before the festive season when the women of all age groups wished to get something new for the occasion, Mastani dress style was something which they actually preferred. Wherever they went they searched for the dress style adopted by the character ‘ Mastani’ in the movie. The demand was so high that people need to book a particular dress in advance. The stock was finished. But, the manufacturers were ready to supply the products. But, advanced booking and payment were required for that. People were so much inclined to the dress pattern that they said yes to every condition of the manufacturer and the seller of such a dress. The office staff, college students and people belonging to other communities were having a hot talking about the Mastani dress pattern.

Bajirao Mastani dress for little girls

Parents were very excited to see their angels in the dress which the Epic character in the movie ‘ Bajirao Mastani’ was wearing. This is why they took initiative to search for the perfect girls’ dress for the party. There are some tips to choose the Bajirao Mastani dress for the girls below 12 years of age.

Tips to choose the best fit Bajirao Mastani dress for girls below 12 years:

1. Research

If you are going to get the perfect dress for your baby girl, you need to go through some research. The Internet is a wonderful medium to do so. Just google ‘ Bajirao Mastani dress for girls’. You will find many options.
Today, the internet has made research very easy. You don’t need to get any info from your friends and relatives. Just get a device with an internet connection and the whole world is yours. There is a popular search engine named Google. You just need to open the search engine like, ‘google.com, yahoo.com, bing.com, etc. Just put the right keyword in the particular search engine and you will get the result popping up over the screen.

2. Pick one online shopping site

Once you find a lot of results after you have put the perfect keyword on google, just click the one that attracts you. Don’t worry about the stocks and the items present in it. You have chosen it randomly just to have an idea about the product you are searching for. Later you can change the site. Once you have picked up an online e-commerce website for your 12 years old baby girl’s Mastani dress, just go through different pages of the site. Look at the type of products it is selling. You can also go to the about us section of the site. This is the place where you can get the background of the website. The information like how old is the website, how much traffic it drives daily with regards to the products that they sell, the performance of the site as well as the delivery. All the information is equally important when you are going to get a product from the site for the first time.

3. Go to the search option of an Ecommerce site

You can get the search option at the top portion of the sides of each eCommerce store. You have to put the keyword. As soon as you click on the search button, you will get a wider list of dresses that you are looking for.
This is the section of the site where you can search for anything and everything that is in your mind. Normally, these days the e-commerce websites sell almost everything starting from the garments of men, women, and kids to the utility as well as electronic items. Thus, when you search the Bajirao Mastani dress, you can get it on the list. But, sometimes it may happen that the products are saved in different names. In such a case you have to modify your search. For example, you have to put the synonyms or the words which are very common and easily understandable. You can put ‘Girls dress for party’ to make the search more prominent.

4. Click the liked ones

After you get a lot of products within the category of Mastani dress pattern, the next thing that you must do is click on the dress that you like. As soon as you click you will get the page open where more pictures of the dress, product description, and other details will be mentioned. You can get a vivid idea of the product.
Each e-commerce websites have a wide range of products of the types of products that you are searching for. Thus, you must not stick to one particular product and decide about the intake. Rather, it is very important to look at each one that is displayed on a particular page. If you have finished viewing the products of one page go to the next page. This way there are products till 10- 12 pages in each section. Have a look at the size, color and specification of each product before deciding.

5. Check the price

The price is one of the important factors which an individual will consider before getting a product. It is just due to the reason that everyone has a budget. Sometimes the budget fails. But, it is good to get the product within the budget. Today, eCommerce websites have increased a lot in the market. Thus, competition is quite high among competitors. Each of the sites wishes to provide the best product at an affordable price. Thus, you will definitely get the product within the price range that you are aiming for. If you are not finding the same within the range then you can sort the filter from low to high range. As soon as you do so, you can easily get all the products within your price range. Girl’s dress for a party has a great demand. Thus, there is a good chance that you may get a better price.

6. Compare the price

One of the vital tips in choosing the Girls’ dress for the party is the price comparison. How will you know that the price that you can see of a given product in one Ecommerce website is worth? In this connection, you have to go to several other e-commerce websites that sell the same products. There are many competitors’ sites. Thus, if you compare you can find out which competitor is selling it at a low price and who has lifted the price too high. The factor of price comparison is really important. If you don’t compare the price you might be in a loss as you never know, maybe other online sites are offering the same product at a comparatively low price. If that is so you will repent. Thus, it is better not to decide after having a look at the price of a particular online store.

7. Choose the size

As soon as you mention the age of the girl child, the system will display those garments that are likely to fit the body of 12 years old girl. But, even then there are 3-4 sizes. You know the size of your baby girl. You can choose the large size if she is a little healthy. Again the small size will be fine for a skinny little girl. You can also get the size chart from where you can get the correct measurement. The shoulder, chest and the length of the dress will be easily mentioned in the site.
The right size of the Mastani dress style is a good consideration. It looks really odd when you have ordered a particular size and the product that came to you is bigger. You must not like to have a shabby look. This is the reason why the choice of the right size is important. You can see the size chart given on the e-commerce website. Just have a look at the measurement and get the right one. If you don’t know the measurement of your child, just get it done with the measuring tape and then go ahead with the selection of perfect size,

8. Look at the brands

The best-fit dress is only available when you go for the brands. If you are going to choose the Mastani dress that is one of the attire portrayed on a female character, you must understand that the dress is made by a well-known fashion designer. Thus, if you like the attire, it is mostly because it has superior quality and belongs to a good brand. Thus, one of the ways of selecting the Bajirao Mastani dress is going with the brands. It has been proven that as compared to the clothes from local brands, the actual designer brand dresses have a perfect fit in each size.

It is always good to have a brand that is reputed in the market. You might not have a brand fascination. But, if you have some information about the trending brand, just go for the product made by such a brand. It is really going to be a good choice for the Mastani dress pattern. It is just because with a good brand, the material and the quality of the product become good. Yes, the price can be a little high but it is worth to use for every penny you pay.

9. Choice of material

Another important consideration of choosing the best Mastani dress for girls is the material of the dress. Today, the dresses are made up of different materials. It is just for the reason that each individual has a preference for a particular type of material. For example, if a lady is from west Bengal she will prefer the dress made up of cotton or silk. Again people from Rajasthan, Gujarat, etc will prefer the chiffon, georgette materials. Thus, if you prefer a particular type of material, it is good to find that in the market.
The extremely high-quality materials in the Mastani dress are now available in the market. But, it is very important to look at the specifications mentioned by the experts beside the product image. Once you go through the specification, getting high-quality material from the list will be possible. Even if you are willing to get the dress mentioned by the experts beside the product image. Once you go through the specification, getting high-quality material from the list will be possible. Even if you are willing to get the dress of research to choose the best variety of silk.

10. Choice of color

The color is again an important factor which people will consider. If you are going to buy a dress that will belong to 12 years old girl, she will always have a choice of color. It can be baby pink, red, blue, etc. But, the different child has a different choice. Thus, it is always better to ask them before they proceed to buy the dress for her. You can now get a wide range of colors of the dress that you have chosen on the online site. Even the primary colors have different variations. The Girl’s dress for the party must look really attractive. One of the considerations to get it to look attractive is the color. The combination is important. These days, there is a trend of adopting color contrasts. For example, if the upper part is of blue color the lower part will be red. This way there can be other color combinations of Bajirao Mastani dress. Since it is meant for kids they can wear almost all combinations of dresses. It is good when little girls wear bright colors.

Buying tips of Mastani dress for girls from a physical store

Some of you are not believers in buying the products online. Those people wish to see the products and hold them in their hands. It is only after that they will make a decision of buying a particular product. For all of you, the buying tips will be different. Following is the list:

Aware of the local language
The shop keepers are mostly from the local background. Thus, if you speak in English he or she may not understand you well. Thus, it is going to really tough when you are not aware of the local language. If you belong to a particular city, you will be aware of the local language. Thus, it should not be a problem.

Give the right description of Mastani dress
When you are going to buy your favorite Mastani dress from a physical store, you cannot expect the entire salesperson over there to be aware of the dress type. First, you can just name the dress and see whether he is aware of it. If in any case, he is not getting your right, it is your duty to give him a full description.

Try out the dress in the trial room
These days every shop has a trial room. Thus, you get a good chance to try the dress before you buy it. When you are buying the Mastani dress style for a 12-year-old baby girl it is quite obvious that she will accompany you while you are buying her dress. Thus, it is always good to make her try the dress in the trial room. It is done to see whether the dress fits her perfectly. Sometimes, it happens that the tag of the clothes states the size that you want. But, after you take it home and wear it you can see it is either big or small. This becomes really great harassment for you. Thus, it is always suggested to try the dress before buying.

Avail offers during seasons
Even if you have a big budget for your baby girl’s dress why won’t you save if you get a chance? This is where the offers and discounts play a vital role. This is when you are going to get a good discount ranging from 5% to 50%. There are some stores that provide end of season sale. They sell the item with a discount of up to 70%. Many people wait for this for a long time. You can also get it if you have a vivid idea of the discount time of Girls’ dress for the party.

• Know return policy
Unlike the online stores, the policy of each shop or showroom is different. It is made as per the discretion of the owner or the organization. Normally, the shops may accept the dress that does not fit you or is damaged. But, you have to take another one from them. Yes, it will be an exchange rather than a return. Again, when you get the product during the sale or offer time the return policy is different. It means you won’t get the chance to return. Thus, it is good to ask the shop owner about the return policy prior.

The pattern of the clothes
If you are going to get the high-quality Bajirao Mastani dress, you must be aware of the pattern. The high-quality products have a particular pattern. The manufacturers of cheap clothes generally miss that detailing in the pattern of dress that they make. Thus, it is always good to know and stick to the pattern of the dress. This will make your baby girl feel proud of wearing a high-quality garment even after many years.

• Ask about customer feedback
It is really very important to take the viewpoint of the shopkeeper about the feedback of the customers who have already bought the product from the shop. Thus, you too must do when you are going to get a wonderful dress for your pretty girl child. The customers normally come back and get more products of the same type if they are satisfied. You must ask the shopkeeper if the same thing is true with regard to the Bajirao Mastani dress that you have selected.


Get the best garment of the Mastani dress style today to surprise your lovely girl. It is always good to follow the above-mentioned tips for the top class selection.