10 Best Beach Toys for Kids in 2020

Going to the beach is a perfect family activity – encouraging time away from technology and having children involved outdoors. Consider taking along some beach toys if you want to ignite your child’s imagination or have fun together. The children would be thankful for mixing up their beach routines and adding something new.

A wonderful thing about beach toys is that they come in all shapes and sizes – from babies to teenagers – and for all ages. This means you have a lot of choices when looking for the best beach sand toys, regardless of the age and interests of your child. The best beach toys will offer hours of fun to your entire family, from sand toys to games to catch.

To make your decision easier, our 2020 article on our 10 Best Beach Toys for Kids is full of beautiful toy ideas that your kids (and you) will enjoy. This will turn every day at the beach into an unforgettable family day full of fun activities.

Spikeball Standard 3 Ball Kit


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The Spikeball 3 Ball Kit is a fun game that caters to all ages and is the ideal beach toy for children and adults alike. The game, seen on Shark Tank, has similar rules to volleyball, which makes learning incredibly easy. Bring some family-friendly fun to the beach, and play Spikeball actively.

The parts of the game are quickly packed, making sure it’s not taking up too much room. Spikeball is comfortably toted with its folding legs and drawstring bag and is taken to the beach. Spikeball is also excellent for any player, beginner or experienced in integrating skill levels.

You can be sure to play on several levels with an adjustable net. The best is when the net gets tighter, giving more bounce to the ball. A looser net is an entertaining obstacle for the more experienced player.

The package includes a net and balls playing which is all that you need to play. Instead of hitting the ball with rackets or a bat, you just strike it with your hand and target it into the net. Also thanks to the Spikeball app, you’ll never have to think about finding players.

Key Features

  • Folding legs avoid breakage when you step on it
  • Rim hooks tighten the net and bounce better
  • Live Spikeball app available in the app store
  • Excellent outdoor and indoor gameplay
  • Lifetime offer, Replacement free of charge
  • Pack contains a net and balls for play

FoxPrint GT 1 Beach Sand Toy Set


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The FoxPrint sand toy collection will add some fun in the sand to enrich your child’s growth. Such toys come in a range of shapes and bright colors, guaranteed to activate the imagination of your child. Your child is likely to be amused for hours by encouraging vital skills such as hand-eye coordination and critical thinking.

The 16 piece set comes with various types of creatures, 2 castle wall molds, 2 round castles, 1 castle bucket, a sand sifter, watering bowl, rake, and shovel. You don’t have to panic losing a piece because this package comes in a transparent, easily zipped plastic storage bag. Your child can easily grab handles and tote their toys on and off the beach.

Another big advantage of the FoxPrint beach sand toys is that they can be used with a partner or individually. The parents will relax as their child digs and fill the molds on a beach blanket. The bits of plastic is smooth, durable and are easy to clean. You don’t have to think about it, as they can withstand rain, water, and heat.

Key Features

  • 16 Piece set contains multicolored shapes and molds
  • Promotes creativity and synchronized hand-eyes
  • Created from solid and durable materials
  • Spielzeug comes in a transparent carry bag

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Sand Brick-Building Set

Sand Brick-Building Set

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The brick-building package Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch makes building sandcastles simple and fun, thanks to its excellent design. These sandcastle toys are a perfect addition to your child’s array of beach toys, allowing your child to enjoy them for years to come. In addition to that, the Sunny Patch is the most inexpensive product for children to review in our beach toys, making it an even better deal.

The two-piece sand molding package is made of sturdy plastic, for quick storage to snap together. The lid of the box has room for the trowel to slide in and lock in place, ensuring that you do not miss any bits. The characters from the Sunny Patch, the turtle on the box and the crab on the trowel make this toy from the sandcastle fun and kid-friendly.

Simply slide the red trowel out of place to use the mold, and remove the cap. You can also easily clean the package simply by giving it a simple rinse with water. These top-rated plastic beach toys will certainly make your child’s imagination run wild and they can spend their day on the beach constructing their dream sandcastle. If they want a castle or a wall, your child will spend hours filling, packing and playing in the sand.

Key Features

  • Good for babies and young children
  • Made from extra-lasting plastics
  • The shape makes the cleaning simple
  • Highly cool toy style
  • Sand shape snap together with a trowel

23pc Kids Beach Toys Set, Sandbox Toys

Sandbox Toys

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If you are looking for a big toy package, the kangaroo kids’ beach package might be a perfect choice. It features 23 distinct, high-quality items, making it one of the best children’s beach toys. Such sandcastle toys and special mold designs can’t be found in other collections, moreover.

Just name a few, these fun children’s sand toys include dinosaur molds, butterfly, shark, octopus and many more. A castle mold, castle wall mold, mini bucket, sand-sifter, rake, sand-sifter scoop, and shovels are also provided in the set. Furthermore, the size of this package makes it perfect for sharing, so your child can play with you or a friend with ease.

When you’re on or off to the beach, packing toys is easier thanks to the zip-up storage bag offered. You can have peace of mind with the storage bag that an item is not going to get misplaced. Only zip the parts back into their case and use the handles to take the package off to your next adventure for a quick grab and go.

Key Features

  • Superb, exclusive animal molds
  • Includes a seal of cold, and other devices
  • Wall molds to create sand châteaux
  • All toys come in a zip-up warehouse bag

Djubi Classic – the Coolest New Twist on the Game of Catch!

Slingball Classic

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The Blue Orange Djubi Version takes on the traditional catch game and adds an exciting twist. The game features a specially built racket to launch the Djubi ball, with a net and elastic string. Pronounced as a joo-bee, it’s one of the best beach toys for children who want to be involved while they play.

The Djubi ball will fly up to 100 feet when launched and even floats to ensure that you don’t lose it in the water. The Djubi ball is designed particularly for launch with an elastic string attached. Only add the string to the launch line, pull back, aim and let go.

This throw-and-catch game, more than just a puzzle, will help teach and develop hand-eye coordination for your kids. As they laugh and play, with the target as well as catching the ball when it comes to them, they will get better.

The Djubi Classic set comes with two balls and two rackets. You can also invest in another Classic Djubi package and add more players to it. You are sure to get the whole family playing, laughing and enjoying a day at the beach with this beach sand ride.

Key Features

  • Depth net to catch the ball easily
  • Djubi balls float on water
  • A compact system with a compact design
  • Rubber loop to promote startup
  • Slings the ball to 100 yards

Dry Branch Sports Design Catch and Release Beach Aquarium Kit

Beach Aquarium Kit

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The Dry Branch catch-and-release aquarium is the perfect toy for children who want to get closer to the water and experience nature. This fun beach aquarium teaches children about aquatic life and encourages their curiosity. The children must learn to value the ocean environment and to return fish safely to their natural habitat.

This aquarium’s smart design includes a carrying handle and a plastic lid with a built-in screen. The lid is attached to the handle for extra protection, ensuring you can never lose it to the waves. The mesh lid allows for fresh inside water, without exposing what the fish is.

As a bonus, this is not just for marine species. The mesh top design means that there is always fresh air inside the aquarium so that you can also house a sand river. When you’re done, simply remove the lid and submerge the aquarium or tip it over to allow anything inside to get back home.

This aquarium is a perfect way to educate children and teach them about living things in the water and sand. This beach toy is not only educational but it can provide endless entertainment as well. You can make this aquarium a favorite for your beach toys, and learn wherever you are about ocean life.

Key Features

  • Fish are easy to capture and release
  • Great for animals
  • Curiosity inspires and teaches reverence
  • Tethered mesh lid
  • Soft carrying handle

Safari Ltd 699904 Knights & Dragons Toob Hand Painted Toy

Miniature Figurines

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You will also excel in your child’s imagination with the Safari Knights and Dragons Miniature Figurines. Such miniature figures may transform any sandcastle into a medieval world, as each castle needs its hero. The collection contains 11 figures including 4 Red Kingdom Knights, 4 Blue Kingdom Knights, a catapult, and a green dragon.

Your child can easily come up with background stories about the figurines which will certainly delight them. The figurines come in a plastic box which features a spinning top globe and educational facts inside for convenient storage and carry.

Such toys are perfect for playing in the sand and are very sturdy. Those toys are sure to maintain their shape and color, whether tied, hurled, buried or laid on sand. The figurines can be cleaned off with a damp cloth or rinsed with water for quick cleaning.

Kids would certainly enjoy these hand-painted figurines and play around with them. An ordinary sandcastle can grow into an exciting tale in which children can freely let their imagination fly. From tournaments to castle defense, these figures should stay firmly on the side of your child to ensure long-lasting and enjoyable entertainment.

Key Features

  • Once top-quality figurines
  • TOOB design – educational toys
  • Hand-colored for a better look
  • Made of durable plastics
  • Products are phthalate-free and without lead

Green Toys Seacopter

Green Toys Seacopter

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If you want a flexible beach toy that is suitable for both sand and water, take a look at the Sea copter Green Toys. The design allows the Seacopter to float, making sure it isn’t sinking. You can be sure that it won’t capsize with oversized pontoons, either.

With a rotating top and tail rotor as well as the Sea copter bear pilot figurine, Green Toys created a clever and engaging concept. The open layout cockpit ensures the bear pilot is easily placed and removed. This machine can be washed in the dishwasher, for quick washing.

The Seacopter consists of hard, durable plastic recycled from the milk jugs. This plastic is BPA-free and contains no phthalates, PVC, or exterior coatings to ensure the product is toxin-free and lead paint-free.

Also, this toy can comfortably be enjoyed indoors and outdoors, as well as in and out of the water. If you’re looking for summer toys that are perfectly healthy for your kids, benefit the environment, and provide extra flexibility, this toy is your perfect pick. With the Seacopter at the beach, you can be sure your child can make several landings on sand and water.

Key Features

  • Black, made from recycled plastic
  • Floats on the water surface
  • Components are free of BPA, PVC, and Phthalates
  • No harmful external coatings
  • Secure to wash in a washing machine

Fun Little Toys Kids Beach Sand Toys Set

Fun little toy

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The Fun Little Toys beach set makes building sandcastles and popping out molds even more interesting thanks to its large water wheel. This 19-piece collection contains some of your child’s favorite plastic beach toys-fun molds, watering buckets, shovels, and rakes. On top of that, it’s all wrapped in a high-quality mesh bag.

This fun toy illustrates how a set of spinning wheels impacts the weight of the ground. Everything you do is dump sand into the funnel at the top for endless fun, and watch it drop and spin the two spinning wheels. A plastic mesh bottom means no need to think about the removal of sand.

Watching the wheels spin, this toy will promote innovation and imagination in your child. You may also pour water, to add some variety to the product. Like sand, the water’s weight will spin the wheels. After a day in the sand, it’s also a perfect way to rinse it clean. A sand wheel will add new fun to your kids while they enjoy their day at the beach, for a fresh spin on sandcastle toys.

Key Features

  • Toys come in a rigid mesh bag
  • Spacious water wheel used
  • Lovely molds of bright colors
  • Six different tools for digging sand
  • Lastly plastic without harmful materials

Diggin Squap Ball Toss Catch Game Set

Diggin Squap Ball

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The Diggin Scrap is a game of throwing and catching which will trigger and involve your kids at the beach. If you’re trying to develop the hand-eye coordination of your kid, the Scrap is a great way to strengthen that ability. The collection comes in a lightweight and portable build, with 2 pop paddles and 4 balls. This collection won’t take up too much space to ensure you’ll still have room to carry it to any outdoor activity with you.

A great thing is that you can play this game pretty much anywhere, so the Diggin Squap makes great pool toys for kids as well. Even the Scrap balls and the paddles are completely waterproof. If wet and water don’t damage the fabric on the paddle, the balls will always fire.

The game is suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use. Children will learn how to use the paddles in no time, with a fast learning curve. However, it should be noted that this game isn’t safe for infants. The ball that is being used is tiny and exposes young children as a choking hazard.

Scraps are fun beach toys that can add greatly to your set. This game is always ready to be played, with simple transportation and storage. You can run and play on the beach with your kids, all while they do catch and throw.

Key Features

  • Stuff bounce off softballs
  • Mitts pop out the ball to catch faster
  • Promotes hand-eye coordination
  • Exceptionally fun for bigger kids

Final Thoughts

When it comes to beach entertainment, it’s critical to find the best sand beach toys for kids. Choosing a toy that matches the child’s age and skill will make a day on the beach a success. Whether you’re choosing plastic molding parts to play in the sand, or specially designed rackets for a catch game, your child can certainly make lasting memories.

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